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Kayak Fishing Radio Welcome To Kayak Fishing Radio began as an idea to bring together kayak anglers from all over, one night a week to talk about the sport of kayak fishing. It was not meant to compete with established kayak fishing forums, it is instead meant to augment those forums with a voice.

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Fishing Reports on the KFR App!

KFRAppHey folks, we’ve been working since the rollout of our App on being able to stream your fishing reports and I think Matt “YakChum” has figured it out.

To submit your local report to be aired on KayakFishingRadio & The KFR App for iPhone & Android, please follow these steps:

If you want to use Skype:

  1. Create a Skype Account (if account created go to step 2)
  2. Add kayakfishingradio to your contacts on Skype.
  3. Call kayakfishingradio and you will hear a recorded greeting. Start recording after the tone

You may also call in via phone, any phone, long distance may apply, at (404) 890-5232.

Here is the suggested format to follow:

“This is (your name or nickname here) from (Your City and State). This fishing report is for (general area ie. Bay River Lake Offshore).” (Fill in your report here.)

After the report if you have any local events which involve kayak fishing, HOW events, Casting for Recovery, to name a couple,  please feel free to announce the event. Please leave a date, time, location, Website and Contact info.

Reports will be compiled every Wednesday night after the “Low Sodium Show” and will be posted before the Thursday Night Show. Then deleted the following week to make room for updated new submitted reports.

Thanks for your participation without you this would not happen.

If you have any questions please email Matt at

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Its that time of year where we are thinking about the upcoming holiday season. For many us, it is that time of year where we begin to plan for winter fishing and perhaps if you’ve been good, what you would like for Christmas.

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How many times have you asked yourself, “Why didn't I think of that?!” That's pretty much how I feel about the FUDs I just had the thrill of testing! Ok, so maybe not a thrill, but being a girl and all, it is pretty cool being able to relieve yourself standing up or kneeling, without soaking your pants or having pee run down your leg.

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Top 10 Fishing Kayaks 2014
We decided to take a different direction this year for our Top 10 Fishing Kayaks list. We polled the kayak fishing community and came up with an initial list of nineteen fishing kayaks. From there, we asked our staff to rank these 19 from a “best overall fishing kayak” standpoint. With this input from the public and our staff, here are what we think are the best “all-around” fishing kayaks currently available on the market.

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